[nos-bbs] Update - Timer issues in JNOS

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Wed Aug 4 13:12:04 EDT 2010


> will the various users of the time have any problems with the
> proposed time discontinuity they will see every 20 days ?

It will be transparent to the user. All the timer stuff works
on 'relative' time, there is no real need to go back 20 days
for 1 day timer if that makes any sense.

> but it seems prudent to see if they are infact ignorable.

Understood, and I think I've figured that into all of this.

Thinking outloud once again, the only challenge to resetting
the Starttime every so often is to make sure there no timers
are running when it is done, or to adjust those timers, which
might be not so nice, we'll see, it's just an idea.

I suppose perhaps the best way is to just have an int64 and
be done with it. I could actually live with that nicely :)


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