[nos-bbs] Nice JNOS blog writeup

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Tue Apr 27 21:19:10 EDT 2010

Thank you very much Bill... what's 4 months after so many years.
I'm glad you did catch up to it, and it left an impression.

I do owe a great deal to NOS (and derivatives), and hope to make
some progress shining this light into the face of some new hams.
They are the ones that have some imagination, some passion for things
they don't know yet... This simple messaging system is ideal for
explaining and teaching the fundamentals of networking. The real value
will not be fully realized until "All Else Fails" ... but I won't
start preaching here. This group already recognizes that value.
  (And it is just neat stuff to play with too !)

I have great respect for the folks on this list, some of us are sysops
from way'back - and learned a lot of tricks from the earlier version of
this list. We gotta keep the faith, and keep the dialog flowing with
our successes and failures - as this is where the new-comers can learn.
I'm as guilty as any for lurking and absorbing, without saying much - but
as I get time and get some more locals interested, you should be hearing
more from me. Once upon a time Huntsville had a serious network going,
with good routing, satellite gateways, and most importantly "users".

In my opinion - that is what we need to focus on, getting more users...
Again - Thanks for noticing Bill...     We'll be around  /;^)

> This is nicely done.
>   http://wb5rmg.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/jnos-15-years-later/
> It's 4 months old -- I am way behind on the RSS feeds...
> 73
> Bill - WA7NWP

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