[nos-bbs] Full duplex JNOS

Kerry Smith n3nxo at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 5 22:11:13 EDT 2009

Full Duplex can work, but with only one TNC, you would be running
Half Duplex, which isn't any faster than Simplex.

You would have to almost setup two different ports I would guess.
Keep in mind, GUESS is the key word here.

To set up the two bands on one TNC, I would first try taking the RX 
signal from the one radio, and have the key up and tx audio to the
other radio.  Then attempt to set the TNC to full duplex.  I may be 
wrong on this, but you might try the pk88 or pk232.  They might be
able to do the full duplex.  Thus, making my first couple of lines
incorrect in this statement.  Give it a try.  After all, our 
community is known for making weird things work well while others
can't make them work at all.

Kerry - n3nxo

--- On Sat, 9/5/09, James French <w8iss at amsat.org> wrote:

> From: James French <w8iss at amsat.org>
> Subject: [nos-bbs] Full duplex JNOS
> To: "nos-bbs" <nos-bbs at tapr.org>
> Date: Saturday, September 5, 2009, 9:40 AM
> Wondering if anyone has done Full
> duplex to improve speed and thu put?
> What I am considering is:
> 1) Two radios with one of two meters for transmit and the
> other on
> 70centimeters for receive and just the opposite on the
> other end
> OR
> 2) a dual band radio with one side for two meters for
> transmit and the other
> side on 70 centimeters for receive and just the opposite on
> the other end.
> What TNC's are capable of doing this? As far as I know, ANY
> tnc if configured
> correctly can do this. Am I correct? Can the tnc-X do it
> also?
> I know there have been bit regenerative repeaters on 2m and
> other bands
> across the country and I kindly DON'T want to hear about
> those PLEASE!!
> James W8ISS
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