[nos-bbs] Segmentation Fault

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Fri Nov 27 10:24:04 EST 2009

With regard to JNOS 2.0g - make sure you have that latest patch
installed. Essentially the patch undefines the stack checking code
which seems to cause random problems. Maybe having stack checking
in place is not good if JNOS interfaces to a kernel device like
the TUN interface. I don't know at this time.

> that each time I restarted it, the tun? Interface would increase in
> increments of one. For example, tun0, then tun1, etc., until tun7. Is
> there a fix for this or something I can do different?

That means the tun interface *from before* is still active. Perhaps
defunct JNOS processes ? JNOS creates the TUN when it comes up. If a
tun interface exists already, then JNOS will try to create a new one,
and of course if you have TUN1 or whatever configured in your autoexec.nos,
you won't get anywhere. When JNOS dies, the tun interface is supposed to
disappear on it's own. Mine always have anyways, on a variety of linux.

Hope that helps.


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