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Mark Phillips g7ltt at g7ltt.com
Sat Nov 14 20:21:18 EST 2009

Why would there be a problem with a PCI serial card? I've used loads of 
different ones in my time with JONS on Linux and all have behaved as 
expected. DigiBoard (now called something else which I forget) is my 

I have also used a 4 port USB-serial adapter under Linux and it too was 

My current production system has only one serial port and so I use 
polled/multi-drop/BPQ KISS to talk to 4 Z80 based (TNC2 compatible) 
TNC's. I run on port at 2400BD to air, another at 300bd to air and rthe 
rest at 1200bd. If I could get hold of a DRSI 9600 TNC I'd like to try 
that too.

On 11/14/2009 11:43 AM, Don Moore wrote:
> With the advent of the new computer today, the motherboard only comes with one serial port now and I suspect soon none.  I currently use two serial ports with jnos and have been told that it will not do well with a pci serial card.  Has anyone tried the pci board to add serial ports for jnos?  If so, what kind of success did you have?
> Also on another note the 44. gateway regularly sends out RIP broadcasts which includes the encap routes to all the gateways.  I only use 3 commands for the RIP process and do not broadcast any.
> start rip
> rip accept
> rip merge on
> Some of my routes are converted from encap to tun0 of the already existing routes and to my knowledge that should not happen.
> If this process works, that could possibly eliminate the need for regular encap.txt download files for the gateways to be able to communicate.
> 73, Don - ve3zda
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