[nos-bbs] another 64 bit compatible JNOS (2.0h) Beta available

Steve Rogers kd5mkv at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 13 13:35:50 EST 2009

Hello Maiko! I using Ubuntu 9.04 with a Hp amd64 processor, I would like to use JNOS on Hf 300 baud,
I was unsuccessful with installerv2, I have al the required libraries and dependcies for JNOS. Could you 
suggest something for a newbie? Thanks Steve KD5MKV

> Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 21:12:26 -0600
> From: maiko at pcs.mb.ca
> To: nos-bbs at tapr.org
> Subject: [nos-bbs] another 64 bit compatible JNOS (2.0h) Beta available
> Greetings,
> My latest 64 bit compatible JNOS 2.0h beta release is on the
> website now. Uptime on my 32 bit test system is over 16 days,
> it seems quite stable, no high cpu, working very well. I got
> a good amount of ax25 forwarding and smtp going, all good.
> The uptime on my 64 bit test system so far is also around the
> same number of days, and is showing good stability as well. It
> is only configured with wormholes though, I plan on getting
> an RF port on it soon for more realistic testing.
> If anyone wants to try it out, the URL is as follows :
>     http://www.langelaar.net/projects/jnos2/64bit
> Please ignore the few compiler warnings that might be present.
> REMEMBER - if moving /jnos/spool files from a non 64 bit system
> to a new 64 bit system, make sure you REINDEX your mail files!
> Regards,
> Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM
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