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Wed May 27 12:39:30 EDT 2009

Sorry about the slow response. I was waiting to see if anyone responded to
my note. Then the holiday and lots of company.

In my Linksys router, I have DMZ open to the JNOS computer. But that opens
the internet to JNOS and attack is possible. So I use the tcp access command
to limit port 25 to only the Minnesota ampernet mail service and then open
everything to the 44 net.

tcp access permit xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 25
tcp access permit all 1 24
tcp access permit all 26 80
tcp access permit 192.168/16 110
tcp access permit 44/8 1 110

You need tcp access configured in the JNOS. I hope that helps. Someone on
the nos-bbs said there are better ways but they did not respond.

Jerry, N0MR

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> I too have jnos running behind a linksys router.  I haven't
> been able to get smtp to work.  If you have figured that out
> I'd be happy to hear how you did it.
> 73..Bob/wh6io

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