[nos-bbs] POP3 from GMAIL

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon May 25 22:59:22 EDT 2009

I have a hack solution...   If the popclient destination mailbox is
GMAIL (or something equally triggering) then run a tweak to calculate
the destination mailbox from the Mail-to string of:
BBSHOSTNAME+MAILBOX-NAME at gmail.com.   It'll be easy to pull out the
string 'MAILBOXNAME' and simply save the message there.   Still not as
clean and it bypasses the rewrite and alias functionality but it
should work...


> Here's yet another little piece of the big project..
> I don't want to sit the JNOS packet systems  (slow and less then the
> greatest spam handling) right on the Internet.  That's more the job
> for a well tuned NIX server.  Settingup such a server isn't out of
> reach these days but it is a significant effort.   Now if only there
> was a free system that already did that we could leverage.   Hmmmm.
> Once again - thank you Google for Gmail...   Great spam filtering,
> rich set of features, pop3 access and best of all - the price is
> right.
> One of the obscure gmail features may be just the magic bullet that
> makes this really work.
> Anything after a "+" in the address is ignored.  So if I wanted to see
> who was mining the nos-bbs mailist I could register as
> "wa7nwp+nosbbs at gmail.com".   The email would all come to
> wa7nwp at gmail.com but it would have the extra info of "+nosbbs" text
> for filtering.
> We should be able to use that for a jnos system...    Thus to send
> email to the n7yge packet mailbox, simply address the message to:
> nwpnos+n7yge at gmail.com.  In NOS we'd have a rewrite rule for this
> incoming Email of:
>  nwpnos+*@gmail.com $1  (r maybe?)
> So the gmail addressing is stripped and all that's left is the destination..
> Good plan so far eh?
> First gotcha - GMAIL uses SSL for POP access.   That took a bit of
> research but stunnel is our friend and now I can use the JNOS
> popclient function to get Email from Gmail.   (Turn off LZW...  :-)  )
> But now I'm stuck and maybe a guru here has a solution.   The JNOS
> popclient doesn't run the fetched email through the JNOS  smtp system
> which uses the rewrite rules.  Popclient messages are simply dropped
> in a mailbox folder as is.   This might not be a bad solution for
> filtered incoming Email but I'd like it to be fully automatic.  Does
> anybody have an idea how to tweak the process so my popclient incoming
> mail is handled by SMTP?     Best I can come up with so far is to run
> the import process on the mailbox file...
> Thanks again!!!
> 73
> Bill - WA7NWP

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