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I've recently been exploring the new work being done on BPQ32 switch
and it looks really goods.  Lots of TNC, TCP and COM port options to
allow tieing our software applications together and to share TNC's in
the Windows environment.   Here's some info from Mr BPQ...

Bill - WA7NWP

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Date: Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 3:08 AM
Subject: [BPQ32] Running JNOS with BPQ32.
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Some versions of NOS include an option to use DOS BPQCODE to interface
to radio ports. My testing was with JNOS 1.10x10.

You can use these versions with BPQ32 as follows:

Get the bpq1632 files from the RelatedFiles section of the
distibutioh. Put bpq1632.dll in your system folder, and bpq1632.exe in
your jnos folder. Copy bpqcfg.bin to your jnos folder (this is only
used to get the Host Interrupt).

Look at the attached autoexec.nos, the relevant lines are:

attach bpq init 0x7f 60

attach bpq 1 bpq1

attach bpq 2 bpq2

The first line initilizes the bpq interface, the params are the
HostInterrupt (almost always 127, expressed here in hex (0x7f)) and
the bpq stream to use. I've used 60 - most bpq32 programs allocate
streams dynamically from 1 up, so that should avoid a clash.

You can have an attach port line for each ax25 port on the bpq32
system. This give NOS access to the radio. If you want to access the
BPQ32 node itself (eg to access bpq32 applications, the IP Gateway, or
NETROM), define a loopback port in bpq32. My loopback port is port 2,
so I've attached netrom and my defualt IP route to this port:

netrom interface bpq2 200

route add default bpq2

One you are happy with your autoexec.nos:

>From a DOS prompt, go to your jnos folder and run:


jnos ./autoexec.nos

You should be able to connect to the bpq32 node by entering c bpq2
nodealias, or to stations via radio port 1 using c bpq1 callsign.

If you want to route IP traffic to the internet you can use the BPQ32
IP Gateway (instructions to follow). IP traffic to other ax.25
stations can be sent directly to the relevant radio port, or via the
IP Gateway.

John G8BPQ
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