[nos-bbs] To be or not to be

George [ham] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Fri Dec 25 22:20:58 EST 2009

Your plea Art, is the primary drive behind my starting the wiki.

On 12/25/2009 02:10 PM, ve1bf wrote:
> Merry Christmas one and all...
> I would like to see an end all questions site for jnos
Well -- it takes a question to cause an answer, maybe "end all" can't 

> but here is one thing...start it out for somebody who has
> never set up jnos before...
The crux of the issue rests in your thought.
The "secret weapon" that makes the wiki concept work is you; then every 
newbie who follows you.
I find the writing of the experts [Maiko et al] quite meaningful today, 
but that was not true a couple years ago.
The struggle of the newbie who [like me] needs to grow into jnos 
application might best follow former newbies thru the maze that makes 
jnos work.  Ultimately you might find yourself thinking in sync with the 
I honor the idea of "starter set" examples, to that end I posted various 
snippits on wiki others might use in their own sites after editing in 
their own unique parms.  Since jnos permits so many variations the idea 
of covering all the bases with examples may never be reached.  Jnoswiki 
could provide the "sandbox" for jnos users to play in?
This reflector is a good tool, but it is organized by time not subject.  
The search engine helps, but my experience with the wiki search engine 
in researching "how to do ... in jnos" worked better.

> I recently did this for station
> ve1fyi.dyndns.org ..and but for the help of ...
> ve3zda ...ve1jot and  Burt ve1ama...I would still be lost..
You did what many of us did, and did it well enough to get FYI on the 
air.  You expressed a success story.
It's your willingness to take what you learned in the process and turn 
it into personal testimony on the wiki that allows jnoswiki to reach 
your goal?

If you notice Dave's [RSA] post earlier today, he said he "could not" 
take his experience to the wiki.
His frustration is my frustration because technically speaking the wiki 
is open to him.
He is not alone, and I see my role as "enabling" him and others to post 
their thoughts.
To that extent I have outright failed.
I resist the role of "authoring" the answers into the jnoswiki, but 
"merging" the work of others seems OK so long as I have permission of 
the author.

> Art ...ve1bf
Do you want to start a FAQ section in jnoswiki?
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>     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
>     It would be nice to keep it going and collect everything JNOS in
>     one place.
With collaboration of the user community, and the web's ability to take 
you "one click" afar, your goal is reachable.

>     thanks for your work,
>     David
>     ka4kkf
Thanks so much for your posts Art & David & Dave.

If you [and other users] want a way to express what you learned in ways 
that extend jnoswiki usefulness to a newbie crowd while using any NOS 
varient to do whatever turns your own crank, then I certainly will do 
what I can to give you one platform to "talk" from.  I will also do my 
utmost to make your "talk" on wiki painless.  Good websites exist on 
jnos topics, so do good books, yet these resources are typically one-way 
resources.  Jnoswiki has the potential to be a reasonable two-way device 
where users can author feedback in a subject organized environment.

Does that address your need?
Is that enough?
Will it find an audience?

I pray your holiday season is going well.

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