[nos-bbs] JNOS 2.0G Install

aa9vt1 aa9vt1 at mchsi.com
Wed Aug 12 20:56:27 EDT 2009

This is really beginning to get to me. I tried reloading a complete new 
system. I used Ubuntu 8.04 desktop AMD64. I can compile jnos and it will 
run. I downloaded Xastir and all the necessary files and it compiles and 
runs. I downloaded the installerv2 and unzipped then
tar'd the files. It creates a directory installerv2. I enter that 
directory and still can't run jnosinstaller or the jnos binary that came 
with it. I even tried downloading the files onto another machine, 
unzipped/tar'd and they run on that machine. I copied the files over to 
a thumb drive and onto the new machine. They still won't run.

I can use my old files and restore my JNOS, but really wanted to try a 
fresh setup with the installer. The goal was to then set up another 

Looks like I do it the hard way.  :-(

thanks....John AA9VT/w9niu

ve1fyi wrote:
> did you extract all the files to a folder ..that you have
> controll over..such as jnos/temp etc.
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>     I am setting up a new machine in my shack using UBUNTU 8.0. I
>     downloaded the JNOS files and had no problem compiling the
>     program. I decided to try out the install files and downloaded
>     them. I can't get the jnosinstaller (from installerv2.tar.gz) to
>     run. I enter the folder that it is in and type *./jnosinstaller*.
>     I keep getting a message that the directory or file doesn't exist.
>     I tried it in Fedora 11 and the file works.
>     I must be doing something wrong, I just can't figure out what.
>     Any Ideas?
>     John AA9VT/w9niu
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