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On Fri, 7 Aug 2009, George [Skip] VerDuin wrote:

> All previous answers to you are good advice Doug.
> doug at kalish.com wrote:
> > Is there a trick to using the trace command?
> No matter which avenue you take, please do remember the "flags" field is 
> HEX.
> So 1110 [decimal] won't get what you want, but 0x1110 [hex] might be 
> what you want.
> For detail if you want, see:   http://jnoswiki.no-ip.org/jnosd/trace
> The above is the wiki page for the trace command...
> > I've tried 'trace port1 1110' and variations but I've never seen any 
> > output.

    Close but no cigar.  The TRACE parameters are *not* hex bits.  They
are simply numeric flags you set for each of 4 fields, enabling you to
monitor specific types of packets.  This is the "BTIO" field (Broadcast /
Trace / Input / Output) as described below:

   trace [ interface [ off | BTIO_flags [ trace_file ] ] ]

   B=0:   Display broadcast packets
   B=1:   Only display packets addressed to this node

   T=0:   Decode protocol headers, but no data displayed
   T=1:   Decode protocol headers, and display data
   T=2:   Display decoded headers and entire packet data
   I=0:   Ignore input packets
   I=1:   Display input packets

   O=0:   Ignore output packets
   O=1:   Display output packets

   Thus, 0211 means:

   B=0:  Display broadcast packets
   T=2:  Display decoded headers and entire packet data
   I=1:  Display input packets
   O=1:  Display output packets

   Note:  You can omit the leading zero, so 211 means the same as 0211

   REMEMBER!!! -- Trace output is *ONLY* displayed after you hit the F9
key.  You will note in the top left of your console (if you have status
lines enabled in your compile) the 3rd line usually says "0 Command:".
This will change to "9 Trace:" when the F9 key is hit.  This lets you know
if you are in "Trace" (F9) or "Command" (F10) mode.  This is oftentimes
where people have trouble using the Trace command.

   Hope this helps.

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