[nos-bbs] Pactor and JNOS

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Fri Sep 26 19:22:43 EDT 2008

Darko wrote :

>> It cant "switch" to Pactor-3 at all.

Are you using the proper TONES 4 or *higher* ?

Mark wrote :

> Pactor 3 correctly it requires extra control info from the host which as
> far as I'm aware is not in the JNOS code.

JNOS does not care what level of pactor is used. That does not affect
the format of messaging done between the modem and the hostmode driver
on the JNOS side. P1, P2, P3 all looks the same, it's just data.

Check the SCS documentation and FAQ - I know if you don't have 
TONE set correctly, it will NEVER go to P3 level for example.

Also, I have not used my PTC here for some time. I plan on doing it
just to make sure it still works properly. But I have used a PTCpro
a few years ago and it was in P3 mode with WU3V in Montana. There
were no special settings needed, just TONES 4, and use USB HF.


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