[nos-bbs] first version of PK232 hostmode driver

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Tue Sep 16 22:18:01 EDT 2008

Hi Jan,

> Tnx for making this driver !

You're very welcome. This is thee prototype. I have several scenarios
and other stuff that I still need to work on and test more thoroughly.

    . timeouts.
    . disconnects in the middle of forwarding.
    . proper shutdown of mailbox on JNOS for the above.
    . better auto init of TNC into hostmode.
    . hostmode driver may be pausing more than it needs to during
      exchanges with the TNC, so I may be able to speed that up.

No doubt you will stumble across the above issues. If you are lucky, the 
PK232 will eventually timeout on you and you can try again. The mailbox will
get stuck sometimes. Sometimes an 'mbox reset ...' will help (although that
is totally not helpfull if you happen to be on the remote end - ie, on the
yacht out in the water far away from the JNOS console). So, yes, there are
issues left to deal with, but this is a start. Thanks for trying it out.

Please report ANY and ALL issues, try and detail it to me as best as
possible. IF you can reproduce issues, then maybe turn on debugging 
using the 'hfdd debug' command first, then send the /jnos/logs/xxx.

> A few times trouble occurs when change over must be done ( it takes a while)

But you didn't have to do anything right, it eventually just got going.

> Airmail did give a few times CRC error in red text on the Airmail screen

I saw that too, even with modem direct to modem.

> Best 73' and have a beer from me,  :))

My wife jokingly asked when am I going to start getting paid for all
of this work (HI HI) when she heard you had a yacht (which of course
for a dutchmen is standard issue).

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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