[nos-bbs] first version of PK232 hostmode driver

pa3gjx at home.nl pa3gjx at home.nl
Tue Sep 16 17:56:59 EDT 2008

Hello Maiko, 

> Good day,
> The Subject line says it all ...

Tnx for making this driver !

This evening i compiled Jnos 2.0f3 on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) got on my bike and!?

It works ok!!  I had a connect on 3.589.Khz with JNOS 2.0f3 with my Airmail client from the Yacht. Airmail gave his forwarding String and and forwarding mail was done! 

A few times trouble occurs when change over must be done ( it takes a while) but i can not be sure my system at home was preforming well on audio.  

Airmail did give a few times CRC error in red text on the Airmail screen 
i will see what happens next time when there is more time.  

Tnx 4 nice job  Jan PA3GJX  sysop PI8YSM     

Best 73' and have a beer from me,  :))

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