[nos-bbs] Questions related to JNOS 1.11f

Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB) skoric at uns.ns.ac.yu
Tue Apr 29 01:58:16 EDT 2008

Hi all,

For the experimental purpose, I have been trying to setup my JNOS 
running on top of the BPQ 4.09c node. It seems I have entered into a low 
memory problem because now I only have some 10-20 kb free RAM (after 
everything is up). So the JNOS console only answers "Too many sessions" 
though its callsign is visible from an internal loopback port of BPQ (it 
is visible but not accessible: it answers either Busy or All ports busy 

Any idea how to save some memory. That is an old 80286/12 box with 1 meg 
RAM only (no extensions possible). Without BPQ (only JNOS, 1 RF 1 AXIP 1 
Ethernet port) there is some 120+ kb free memory.

Misko YT7MPB

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