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MG oilpan at optonline.net
Thu Apr 10 22:46:34 EDT 2008

Hi Gene,
Well I sent James an Email asking for the file, but apparently I must 
first register a gateway to get it (Below), I was going to use the 
encap.txt file as ONE of my research tools to get a feel for the current 
state of packet and gateway traffic in the US and elsewhere............. 
now that were on the subject, if anyone has any opinions on the increase 
or decrease of packet activity in the last 4 years or so feel free to spew.

Mike Goldsmith, W2aiq
Hi Mike,

The encap.txt is only distributed to registered gateways.
If you have registered, then send the static IP address of your gateway.
Once I verify your registration, I will send the appropriate information.

Jim Fuller
N7VR - http://www.fuller.net/n7vr.html
ARRL Montana Section Emergency Coordinator - http://www.mtares.org
International TCP/IP Gateways Robot Operator -- http://www.ampr-gateways.org

montana.aprs2.net Server Operator -- http://www.mtaprs.net
IRLP Node 3398 - http://irlp.fuller.net

Gene Mayler - K8EE wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Here is what I find at the gateways site:
> If you don't like to manually ftp this file from minnie, you can email 
> James Fuller  <mailto://n7vmr@fuller.net> <mailto://n7vmr@fuller.net> 
> <mailto://n7vmr@fuller.net> <mailto://n7vmr@fuller.net>n7vr at fuller.net 
> <mailto://n7vmr@fuller.net> and be put on a mailing list. As 
> `encap.txt' is created, the new version will be emailed to you with 
> the subject line `Update: ENCAP.TXT'.
> Hope this helps.
> 73, Gene - K8EE
>     Can anyone direct me on getting an up to date encap.txt file?
>     I tried to contact n7vmr but for some reason the MX machine
>     returns address rejected
>     demonstrated below.....
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