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Barry Siegfried k2mf at k2mf.ampr.org
Thu Apr 10 03:08:35 EDT 2008

["(Skip) K8RRA" <k8rra at ameritech.net> wrote]:

> > Neither the "access" commands nor their functionality is deprecated.
> Thanks - I have added a couple #define parms and there they are in
> "f"!

In "f"?

> Now -- is the access.rc file deprecated or and alternative method?
> OR -- is the file my bad dream?

I don't think I understand the question.

Your 'access' commands can be in a file with any name in any location
of your own choosing.  You simply 'source' it to bring them into your

> Do you remember which version # access cmds became as they are today?

'tcp access' and 'ip access' have been in NOS for as long as I can
remember (but they were not in NET).  They were definitely in NOS in
the 1.08 series of releases by WG7J and prior to the spring of 1993.

> > They are extremely useful for filter packets.  In fact, the "access"
> > command suite has been expanded by some to include "udp access" as
> > well.
> I have added the IP and TCP access commands into jnoswiki -- per
> this experience.  UDP access remains unknown and is not identified
> in config.h as an alternative in jnos2f.  OK for now...

I don't believe that JNOS supports 'udp access', but it is in fact,
identical to 'tcp access' only it operates on UDP packets instead
of TCP.

In my programs, TCP and UDP access are not options... they are
mandatory, because every program should have the ability to 'deny'
access to it based on incoming IP number or block and receiving
port number (where there is a service running that is vulnerable
to being accessed by the "wrong" peer).

IP access remains as an option in my programs, however, because
this is primarily useful in a machine that is routing IP packets
from one interface (network) to another and you want to have
'smarts' in it in order to filter packets from and to machines
that are downstream of it.

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