[nos-bbs] B2F (compression) success !!!

Brian brian at support.uroweb.net
Wed Apr 2 23:06:30 EDT 2008


While going through my toolbox of listmail, I've been quietly reading
the threads about airmail, b2f, telpac, etc and it appears that
everyone's sharing basically the same thought that the skill level of
end user who would be manning the station at an EOC has less than a
novice-type skill-set.

Not to open up the flame-flood gates or anything but, wouldn't it simply
make more sense to just use standard protocols for Layer 7 and place
people who would be in such emergency communication positions that have
at least an advanced computer user skill-set in such positions at EOCs?
I for one would feel a LOT better knowing that in the time of a real
emergency that not only is there less a chance of a user-generated
computer error, but I'd be guaranteed not to hear "would you like fries
with that emergency communication?" in the event that disaster was in my
area or region.


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