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Steven Stimpson steven2 at gwi.net
Tue May 22 23:07:30 EDT 2007

 In keeping with the tradition of this list, with has historically
dealt with development of Jnos and adding protocol features
to it to make it more "Network Realistic" in both the Internet
and Amprnet (RF) domains, I have a request for a protocol
that has long been missing.

 Although the current direction of Jnos development by means
of strictly porting to alternate (Yet statistically irrelevent) operating
systems, and adding more ATTACH features such as various
wideband HF modes to keep with the winlink trend is interesting,
what HAS been missing over the years is DHCP. Being a NOS
fundamentalist, gaining internet acces from DOS by merely
attaching a packet driver and issuing 3 or 4 autoexec commands,
I find the need to boot windows to get my LAN assigned a public
IP address to be quite bothersome. Not to mention if those
addresses are not Re-Leased in a certain amount of time they
are lost and another is assigned from the pool to replace it on the next
DHCP query. Not only would this complete the simplicty and elegance
of an internet accessible DOS gateway, it would also bring much more
functionality to RF radio networks. No longer would end users need
to query a "IP designator" by E-mail and wait day or weeks
(Depending on the integration of this hobby into the IP assignor)
rather all they need do is send out the same type of request on the RF
network as my Windows IP stack does on my LAN and the IP coordinator's
DHCP server would handle the rest.

Pretty Please with sugar on top?

Steven - N1OHX
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