[nos-bbs] FTP behavior problem

(Skip) K8RRA k8rra at ameritech.net
Thu May 17 10:09:06 EDT 2007

Interesting Glen.

On Wed, 2007-05-16 at 20:26 -0700, Glenn Thomas wrote:
> FWIW, I just tried "ldir" on winXP client/Fedora4 host. The command 
> is apparently not known in that configuration...
Three details:
  1) confirm that your client FTP is not jnos but is microsoft?
  2) does your client "help" document for FTP include "ldir"?
  3) what other command lists the local working directory content?
I interpret your response to confirm that FTP of microsoft works OK with
FTP of (jnos on?) FC-4, but has a slightly different vocabulary...

de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k

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