[nos-bbs] JNOS 2.0 mail and netrom

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Fri Feb 23 12:50:31 EST 2007

Hi Jerry,

> I installed JNOS 2.0 on a Windows XP machine using the installer and it 
> worked quite well. The only problem I had is that the autoexec.nos and 
> ftpusers files have to be one level up from the nos.exe ...

I'm guessing you have this fixed now, since a few posts have already gone
by. Oh !!! Hi Werner - my neighbor down the street believe it or not :-)

> The NOS.exe that came with the installer does not have mail send/receive
> capability and does not have netrom capability. Is there a compile available
> with those functions ?

Right now my DOS machine is offline, so I can't quickly compile you one.

Just to get you going for starters, even if you can find an older JNOS 
1.11f executable (there are zillions on the net), just use it in place
of the NOS.exe that comes with the installer. The only thing you might
not get would be AXUDP, since I added that late in it's life. Is there
really anything in JNOS 2.0 for DOS that you can not find in 1.11f ?

Problem compiling JNOS is memory constraints. A config.h from someone
who knows exactly what they want (but does not have a compiler ANYMORE)
would be nice, but again I don't have a DOS machine conveniently setup
anymore. I'll see what I can do, but it won't be tommorrow (sorry).


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