[nos-bbs] JNOS 2.0 mail and netrom

Werner Schwager wwsch at mts.net
Fri Feb 23 06:58:48 EST 2007

Hi Jerry,

     I have JNOS 2.0 working great on a Windows XP machine and I had 
used Maiko's installer. I have the nos.exe and all the jnos files in the one
directory c:\jnos. When I open up the command prompt window to start 
JNOS, I usually cd down to the c:\ prompt and I then issue the command:

nos -d jnos

the last part jnos after the -d tells it the directory where all the jnos
files are.

My dyndns updater client is installed in Win XP as normal......As for
compiles, I just use the 2.0d as is from the installer, since I mainly use
JNOS version as a telnet gateway only (kisslinked to FBB)....I will let
 answer that question as to the versions.

I have been teaching myself Linux now, and have another fuller featured
of JNOS running in another machine, but I am just trying to get the update
to work before I put it on line here......

Hope this helps a bit.....73, Werner VE4UA

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From: Jerry Groeneveld
Date: 02/22/07 21:17:26
To: TAPR xNOS Mailing List
Subject: [nos-bbs] JNOS 2.0 mail and netrom
I installed JNOS 2.0 on a Windows XP machine using the installer and it
worked quite well. The only problem I had is that the autoexec.nos and
ftpusers files have to be one level up from the nos.exe or it could not
find them.
Couple of questions. The NOS.exe that came with the installer does not
have mail send/receive capability and does not have netrom capability.
Is there a compile available with those functions? Or maybe someone on
the list has a compile.
Thank you,
Jerry, N0MR
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