[nos-bbs] Nos Panic

Anton Lauhin (RV3DHC) rv3dhc at echolink.ru
Mon Aug 6 16:31:59 EDT 2007

HI nos-bbs at lists.tapr.org.

On saturday I had to start JNOs on my linux PC. I did it.
BTW when I add the line:

7:2345:respawn:/home/jnos/startnos tty7

into my /etc/inittab file, JNOS starts on console #1 and after 1-3
minutes says:

NOS PANIC: Lost Keyboard (-1/-4)

I use Fedora 5 localle and JNOS-2.0c5b compiled by VE4KLM.
And I am starting my JNOS like:

./jnos -g2 -d /home/jnos/ autoexec.nos

But when I start my JNOS in console by myself after logging locally as
root on linux PC - it works great and does not say any of NOS PANIC.
Any instructions to solve the problem?

Also wanna ask 2 questions:
1) I forgot how to add netrom ports into JNOS?
2) How to get ip 44.xxx.yyy.zzz to my JNOS?

73! Anton Lauhin (RV3DHC)

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