[nos-bbs] Crusin' in my DOS Box :-)

Steven Stimpson steven2 at gwi.net
Wed Apr 25 21:53:30 EDT 2007

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> Far from "nobody" you guys, canned new installs are still available into
> Mich as we speak.  DOS is still a viable platform here.

 DOS is a viable platform all over amateur radio, we do more with less.

> Speaking of Documentation (as you do below), are you OK with describing
> the steps and pitfalls in the compilation on DOS?  You might even attach
> the config.h file to the page?  The wiki page InstallSourceDos is
> waiting for you...:-)

 Then I shot my mouth off skip. I didn't realize there was compensation
for DOS compiles at the Wiki. I will check it out.

> If you enjoy the compilation step, we could add this to the network
> topology section on configuration too...:-)
> > >

 The PPP and dialup modem scripts and documentation were practically
to find even "in the day", and if this information could get back
out there it would be a good thing.

I love linux and have 3 instances of it on my harddrive, my grub hath
runneth over :-)

It's just that the few times I had Jnos running on it I saw a 90 percent


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