[nos-bbs] Re: DOS vs Linux

Gene Mayler - K8EE mayler at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 19 16:21:50 EDT 2007

Hi Steven,

I'll give you the simple plain English answers to
your questions.

Ignorance=bliss...And at the moment, with Jnos under DOS, I am in bliss
and I do not hope it is due to ignorance.

Dos is easier than Linux if you unfamiliar with Linux.

And with those points the ignorance possibly expresses itself. So I ask, before I hit
the books and get my Linux box up and going with Jnos, just what ARE
the advantages, if any, of running Jnos under Linux? Clearly there must be..
It seems the entire Jnos community has shifted over...

    JNOS runs much faster under linux.

    It won't crash as often.

    You can include all the features you want in JNOS
    without worrying about the memory limitations of DOS.

    You can do other tasks without exiting JNOS.


    If you are unfamiliar with Linux, it is pure torture.

I just made the switch to Linux recently, and glad that I
did.  I did a lot of hair pulling for a while, but it is
pretty easy once you learn how.  Learning how is the 
problem.  Is it worth going to Linux?  It depends on
how patient you are.

73 and good luck, Gene - K8EE

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