[nos-bbs] HTTP server restriction maybe

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Thu Apr 19 17:11:50 EDT 2007

When I was running the TUS JNOS 1.11f gateway several years ago I had  
to reboot DOS quite often (memory usage issues, IIRC).  I switched it  
to Linux and everything was much more stable.

Actually a node application for Linux with JNOS-like functions (more  
so than AWZnode, etc.) using kernel AX.25 and networking wouldn't be  
a bad idea.

Bob, N7XY

On Apr 19, 2007, at 1:35 PM, Steven Stimpson wrote:

> Am I missing something here?
> Ignorance=bliss...And at the moment, with Jnos under DOS, I am in  
> bliss
> and I do not hope it is due to ignorance.
> With Jnos under Dos, I have an apple. Connecting to the Internet,  
> it's fellow apple.
> apples to apples. Linux is an orange. To run Jnos under linux, I  
> connect an apple to an orange,
> which I then use to connect to the NET, which is an apple. To me,  
> Jnos under Linux isn't apples
> and oranges, it's apple-orange-apple. and when all is said and done  
> Jnos ends up
> being nothing more than a shell to the Linux IP stack.
> At this point, I am so frustrated with all the complications in  
> running Jnos under
> linux, which to my DOS mind accomplishes nothing except ax.25  
> connectivity,
> which is already present in the Linux kernel, and a BBS. I say we  
> just rip the
> guts out of Jnos if it is going to be run under Linux. leave the  
> command interpreter,
> and the bbs functions.
> Why should I IFCONFIG the hell out of Jnos, IFCONFIG the hell out  
> of linux, and
> in the end I end up with a null modem?
> ---------------------
> And with those points the ignorance possibly expresses itself. So I  
> ask, before I hit
> the books and get my Linux box up and going with Jnos, just what ARE
> the advantages, if any, of running Jnos under Linux? Clearly there  
> must be..
> It seems the entire Jnos community has shifted over...
> Best 73 list,
> Steven-N1OHX

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