[nos-bbs] HTTP server restriction maybe

Barry Siegfried k2mf at k2mf.ampr.org
Mon Apr 16 03:11:14 EDT 2007

["(Skip) K8RRA" <k8rra at ameritech.net> wrote]:

> We both fail to serve browsers at the other site across radio links.
> We are both successful with telnet to the other site over radio between
> jnos.

I'm sorry but that makes no sense unless you are somehow blocking HTTP
(port 80) connections and not blocking telnet (port 23) connections
over the radio link.  Also, are you sure your HTTP client (presumably
a machine with an operating system that supports a web browser) is using
the radio link to communicate to the HTTP server?

> NO NAT may be the entire answer in a nutshell?


> > The trace would be helpful of course :-)

A trace is always helpful.

> What are the chances I can install NAT as a service from the opsys
> on jnos?

Very low.

> Need to learn C first?

Yes.  You would have to either lift or write 'C' code for insertion
into ip_route() (IPROUTE.C) that implements several things in order
to make IPNAT (for outgoing frames) and IP forwarding (for incoming
frames) work.  There was a time when you might have had to do that
in order to do what you want with JNOS over the internet (Linux was
the first O/S to have IPNAT capabilities in the mid-1990s).  Then
one or two lunatics wrote IPNAT and IP forwarding code for some
"specialty" NOSs in order to make them mimic what Linux does.  Then
after that, we became a dynamically IP-assigned world and IPNAT
appeared in Windows for the masses.

But with small consumer DHCP/PPPoE/IPNAT routers today, why would
you want (or need) to do that anymore?  These routers handle these
functions very nicely now leaving your JNOS program to be very happy
running behind them.

> Or am I being erratic?


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