[nos-bbs] route Jnos out

Maiko Langelaar (ve4klm) maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Mon Apr 9 10:35:13 EDT 2007

Hi Ryan,

> I have got JNOS running great except xdigi and it locks up.

What is 'xdigi' ? Can you be more specific please ? You mean
the cross port digi feature I put in a while ago ?

> if I go to a linux console I can telnet to JNOS but if I try from my
> network I can not get to JNOS.  I have no firewalls up on that ...

I should really put together a FAQ on this one. Too many times I have
seen this *issue* appear on the mailling list. It's hard to answer this
question if one does not know the structure of the network, the subnets
used on the LAN verses the TUN between JNOS and linux, whether a firewall
router is part of the equation or not, static or dynamic commercial ip
address, etc, etc ..

> If you can help me on the freezing up on xdigi that will help also.

What exactly is happening ? Can you be more specific, perhaps an 
autoexec.nos file (off list to me is fine), any log entries ?

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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