[nos-bbs] POS terminal working with Debian Sarge!!

Mark Phillips g7ltt at g7ltt.com
Mon Sep 18 12:07:19 EDT 2006


I got the POS terminal working today! In the end I had to use a floppy
disk with the boot/root/cd_drivers disks before it would pull in the
CDROM and continue on with the net-install.

I did a "base" install and added the AX25 stuff just for jollies as well
as all the curses (probably don't need them all), nano, pico, joe and
minicom. I copied over my current JNOS2e0 and whadyknow; it works!!

Now the task is to slim it down. It's currently consuming almost 600MBs
of a 1.2GB hard disk. My goal is to get it down to around 64MB.

Not quite a "roll your own" Linux but so far so good. Perhaps we could
come up with a "NOS Linux" distro?


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