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QSL Andre - the "initial packet delivered to the BBS" is well exampled
in my neighborhood by various sites with jnos.
In addition, I seem to recall several occurrences of this detail on this

Clearly - I have disadvantaged the AX.25 BBS user by my choice of a
single SSID for my configuration.
On my site the *blank* needs to be sent after the "CONNECTED" message
per your note.
At this moment I have not fully defined the problem thus I will not
adopt multiple SSID as a solution *yet*...
Perhaps multiple SSID is a solution, or perhaps it is a work-around
waiting for a more elegant solution?

On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 19:10 +0100, Andre van Schaijk wrote:

> (Skip) K8RRA schreef:
> >
> > As an addendum - NET-ROM connects from remote sites to "GHWEST" and 
> > "k8rra-1" quite normally via AX-25 I believe.
> > No special SSID for NET-ROM service only at k8rra-1.
> > The SSID at wa8rsa is set to -7 where -4 is the BBS & hamgate..
> > Thus I conclude that both options work and it becomes owner choice...
> >
> > 73
> > de [George (Skip) VerDuin] K8RRA k
> >
> There is a very good reason to add a netrom and bbscall different from 
> the base call.
> If you don´t set these jnos will use the basecall for netrom and bbs 
> trafic as wel as for tcp/ip trafic.
> The result of this is that at the start of a connection jnos doesn´t 
> know what protocoll to use and waits for a frame from the remote site. 
> tcp/ip and netrom users won´t notice anything but your bbs users will 
> have to hit enter before they get a welcome from your jnos.

I find it interesting that jnos can differentiate NET-ROM and TCP/IP but
not "vanilla" at connect time.
This is perhaps one of those classic examples of comparing apples and
oranges for differences.
The BBS is a server function whereas NET-ROM and TCP/IP act more as
communication "paths" between nodes.

Before I leave this subject behind I feel the need to dig into the
detail - and document the consequences of the choice (or oversight).

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