Robert ve2har at videotron.ca
Sat Oct 15 09:39:11 EDT 2005


First I would like to mention in JNOS to have Pactor forwarding is number 
one priority,
since can be used without internet for emergency purposes, similar FBB and 

Beside to  'strictcall login'  woud be nice to have also sysop configurable 
mbox prompt
like in TNOS  pbbs prompt "?,A,B,C, ...". This gives to sysop flexibility to 
show certain
aliases, but not all of them. Right now in JNOS at mbox prompt user can type 
'alias' and
JNOS gives all the details (in some cases sysop prefer not to show). In TNOS 
mbox 'alias'
command doesn't even exist.

Another comparison will be the forwarding features; In JNOS  public 
forwarding area bulletins
are being scanned every time forward starts. In case let's say we have 1000 
bulletins in  'world'
area, it will take some time to JNOS finish the scanning (it depends 
processor speed too). In TNOS
every new bulletin is marked for forwarding for a forwarding partner in a 
user.fwd file and TNOS
does not scan the whole message area.

On the other hand in JNOS  mbox  'N'  command sometimes restartes the JNOS 
itself. In TNOS
this never happens. Due to this problem I noticed some sysops they don't 
give  netrom  permission
to their users.

I would thank to Maiko and other developers of NOS, that  give a remarkable 
contribution of ham

73 Bob, VE2HAR

> Are there really many TNOS users?  If the below features are put into 
> would that make it possible to move most toward JNOS2 for those who are
> still using TNOS?

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