[nos-bbs] NOSAprs

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Wed Apr 27 19:05:36 EDT 2005

I'm really feeling old...

I know I've been through this before but I can't remember
the solution.

Must be too much time driving a mouse.

Latest jnos 2c4.  In the BBS.  Sending a simple
message to somebody that should drop in to their mailbox
and then be dropped off by the PBBS forwarding.

I do the send:   s k7cex
I enter the subject:  testing

BANG.   "Segmentation Fault" the instant I hit return on the subject.

I'm pretty sure this is a configuration issue and I've found and
fixed it before - but I can't remember, or find it.

Any quick suggestions?


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