[nos-bbs] Remote AX25

Laszlo Fidrich ha8fn at teto.ha5kfu.hu
Fri Apr 8 04:36:53 EDT 2005

> But can RFA (on BOXA) connect to BOXB without the digipeater?   With the
> net2kiss trick on a Linux box,  JNOS sees everything on the ax25
> circuit just like Linux does.   I know - I should spend less
> time doing Email and more time running the systems on the air so I know 
> the answer to this...

Not sure what do you really want, but JNOS has a feature called rxecho:
     ifconfig <iface> rxecho <iface-2>

      When a rxecho interface is defined, all input from interface
      <iface> is also copied (echoed) to <iface-2>.  To remove rxecho,
      set <iface-2> to "off".  This feature requires that RXECHO be
      defined at compile time.

Also you may try kissnetd in Linux. In my setup JNOS, Xnet and Linux 
itself are sharing the same physical RF interface.

73!  Laci

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