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Barry Siegfried k2mf at nnj.k2mf.ampr.org
Thu Apr 7 03:19:23 EDT 2005

[Andre v Schayk <andre at pe1rdw.demon.nl> wrote]:

> what was the trick again to log ax25 connections into the bbs right
> away?  right now everyone who connects my bbs call has to send a <cr>
> before the login text etc is send, this messes up some autoforwarding
> programs.

There are two things you can do, depending upon what the IP mode is
on the AX.25 channel you are using.

With the scenario you described above, most of the time it means that
the AX.25 IP mode is set to 'VC' which causes NOS to wait after a VC
connection is made to see if any level 3 packets will be following.
If the first packet received is Text (F0 PID) and does not have a
higher layer PID specified then the mailbox application is started.

If you are not actually using VC IP on the AX.25 channel you are
using then the first thing you can do is change the AX.25 mode for
that AX.25 channel (if your NOS program supports the functionality
of having different AX.25 IP modes on different channels) to
'datagram' and then turn 'jumpstart' on (your command may be 'ax25
jumpstart' or 'mbox jumpstart' depending on your flavor of NOS).
Then if there are any IP machines on that AX.25 channel which happen
to use VC mode for its IP frames, you can put *them* on a 'jumpstart
exclude' list.

But most of the time that the AX.25 IP mode is set to 'VC' it has
to stay set on 'VC'.  So the second, and easier thing you can do is
create a second call sign using 'ax25 jumpcall'.  All VC connections
to *that* callsign will then jumpstart the mailbox application
regardless of what the AX.25 IP mode is.

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