[nos-bbs] jnos winlink2000 forwarding

Andre v Schayk andre at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Sun Apr 3 07:52:53 EDT 2005

maiko at pcs.mb.ca schreef:

>I'm quite frustrated myself trying to make this work. I've done test
>forwards between AirMail and WinLink 2000 stations with full data capture
>to try and analyze this (with different settings B2F, B1, B0, etc) and
>I'm STILL not making any progress. It tiring running these tests over
>and over again, and very time consuming :-(
I´m more then willing to do testing for you, I might not be a pefect 
coder but I know enough to help out, let me know what test setting you 
would like.

>I know for a fact that the FC proposal is not supported by any version
>of JNOS, and by the looks of it, the FBB source I have for reference
>purposes also does not support it. I don't know what the latest source
>from F6FBB has for FC support either. So in the meantime we're stuck
>with getting FA and FB proposals to work.
the only programs suporting FC are winlink2000 mailbox, paclink 
smtp/pop3 forwarding engine for users and airmail2000, when I asked 
about the logic behind it I was told that smtp that can do the same 
(multi adresses and attachments) take up 20 to 25% more space (I doubt 
it has much impact on a  message with attachments).
I would not be surpriced if they made the FA and FB proposals 
incompatable on purpose, the winlink2000 authors are arogant enough or that.

>The latest testing that I have done between JNOS 2.0c4 and WL2K is
>showing that JNOS gets the 'FS +' in response to me sending an FA
>proposal, but nothing is being sent by JNOS to the other end.
>I have NO idea why this is happening, the only way for me to figure
>this out is putting in tons of debugging and doing it that way. This
>could be related to changeovers (ie, IRS vs ISS), I just don't know.
I do forwarding on packet and telnet so I can check if that is the 
reason, my situation is not effected by changeovers afterall. I´ll see 
if I can log a forwarding session on air.

>Yes, it's frustrating. I suppose I should add support for FC type
>proposals, but supposedly AirMail and WL2K are backwards compatilble
>with the FA and FB proposals, so I would rather see that working
>first for starters.
I agree, if all else fails the keyboard emulation methode can work too 
but I don´t know if that was ever used in jnos.
one thing is sure, winlink is not sticking to the fbb specs for B0 and 
B1 and knowing them they are not interested in fixing it.

>Sorry, that's all I have to report on this so far ...
>Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM
sooner or later you will crack it and I´m sure we are all willing to 
help you.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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