[hfsig] DCC Survey Results

Stan Horzepa stanzepa at gmail.com
Sun May 16 19:47:18 EDT 2021

Dear DCC Survey Respondents:

Thank you for taking the time to help us understand our potential DCC
audience. Your responses were very helpful. We wanted to let you know
the results of the survey.

Roughly half of you were not planning on showing up at the DCC this
year. Approximately 15% were definitely interested in coming and the
remaining 35% were undecided.

The overwhelming reason for not coming was concern over COVID and
associated issues (traveling, ability to get on planes, ability for
international travel, hotel limits).

There is a very large interest in attending a Virtual DCC.

Consequently, we've decided to have another Virtual DCC this year and
work towards an in-person DCC next year.

Thanks again for your help,
73 Bruce Raymond, ND8I
nd8i at tapr.org
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