[hfsig] Is there anyone out there?

Charles Brain chbrain at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 12 15:22:44 EDT 2009

Hello Marco,

Well I am still looking for the killer app idea and have been for a few years.

My current favourite its a Twitter like system that would allow multiple stations
to share a channel and be all informed. As long as you can hear at least one other
station you can join in the 'net' a bit like a voice net but with data instead. SWL stations
could also passively listen and build up the messages without transmitting.

I have looked at a number of current systems like the HF token ring protocol in 5066
and the pacsat protocols. I have some ideas but it is not an easy problem to solve.

I keep a notebook with me and when I think of something I write it down.

- Charles

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Yes I am, I am waiting for you and your HF software/application/idea!!
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