[hfsig] random byte stream compression - probably not

Chris Howard chris at yipyap.com
Mon Sep 27 08:18:34 EDT 2004

I have pretty much convinced myself that
random byte streams won't work as a means of

With a single stream, it will take 
a byte's worth of info to direct
the receiving station to the correct
byte.  With multiple streams it might
be possible to have some slight 
compression when you get up to 6 or 7
simultaneous streams.  The data sent
to direct the receiver to which
byte is desired might be reduced
to 6 bits.  (I'm going to try to
write a little model program to see.)

This is assuming that the data to
be sent is itself an even distribution
of byte values.

Whether or not GPS/NTP time synchronization
would help with improving data communication
still remains.


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