[hfsig] Delivery Error (hfsig at lists.tapr.org)

Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Sun Jul 18 20:59:20 EDT 2004

Hummm...I got the same thing from Hamish.  

Lots of ISPs are filtering files with the extensions below.

If I want to send one with one of the extensions, I rename the file and
tell in the text what to rename it to...or simply zip the file.


christensene at mail.ecu.edu wrote:
> The original body of this e-mail has been removed for the following reasons...
> Message contained an attachment with one of the following disallowed
> file extensions...
> .cmd, .pif, .scr, .bat, .vbs, .reg, .hta, .exe, .com, .cpl

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