[hfsig] AN/PRC-138 on surplus sale website

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Dec 10 09:03:47 EST 2004

Can I get these by Goverment requisition, or are they
already past that and now up for commercial sale only?

Bob (in the Govt) but would use them for the HAM
radio club...

>>> chris at yipyap.com 12/9/04 9:49:55 PM >>>


I noticed a lot of 5 an/prc-138 radios on the government
surplus sale website:


I'd keep hush about it... but there's somehow
always somebody with a bunch more money than I am
willing to pay.

These radios are supposed to be able to do ALC and
fancy data modes.  But I don't know if they come
with everything necessary (or even if they work).

(If somebody takes four and the fifth one falls
off the truck near my house...)


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