[hfsig] RE: [RTTY] ARRL Proposal to redefine subbands by bandwidth

Robert McGwier rwmcgwier at comcast.net
Sat Aug 14 08:27:12 EDT 2004

<<Bandwidth in the existing "RTTY/data subbands" would be limited by rule to
either 500 Hz or 3 kHz. In the following subbands where 3 kHz would be
permitted, phone emissions would specifically not be permitted: 3650-3725,
7100-7125, 14100-14150, and 21150-21200 kHz. The reason for this is to
encourage the development of higher-speed data communications in these
subbands by preventing them from becoming de facto "expanded phone bands."
The prior ARRL proposal to expand some HF phone bands is included in the
separate FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making, WT Docket No. 04-140, and is
taken into account in these new proposals. >>

Please explain to me one line of this where it says that PactorIII, etc.
be allowed to operate below (for example) 14100.  I don't believe it says
that anywhere.  I read this as saying that the wide modes will be restricted
to above these X.100 limits.


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I'm posting the message below from Skip (KH6TY).  We were touching on this
subject recently on this reflector, and I think Skip's observations are
important starting points for discussion about how this might effect the
RTTY contesting community.  - John, WA9ALS

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