[hfsig] gMFSK

Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Thu Aug 5 00:02:49 EDT 2004

I just finished loading gMFSK on my new small footprint Dell GX-150
running Suse 9.1.  It was a bit of a task but not all that hard.  I will
try to put out a short HowTo in the next few days.  Other distros other
than Suse 9.1 might be easier.  Hi Hi.

You need 8 RPMs (6 plus gMFSK and hamlib) to run gMFSK. I downloaded
them from rpmfind.net

The "content help" doesn't work and there are no man pages so I am going
to have to guess a bit about how to use it.

The cables for my RigRunner interface should be here over the weekend;
but I will be at a hamfest in Austin, Texas.

As soon as I get everything "hooked up" will will try MT63 out using
gMFSK on 40.  My 80M antenna is tuned for the top end of the band and my
LPDA has a lightening blitzed rotator...but hopefully I am going to sell
some ham gear and get a replacement so then I can get on 30 and 20M.  I
may put up a dipole for 30 and a vertical for 20 until I can get another

Hope to be on the air soon.



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