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Wed Aug 4 15:59:33 EDT 2004



Name:  LinLink

Purpose:  An Open Source Enhanced Digital Messaging for Amateur Radio Utilizing 
Source Code From Previously Release Amateur Radio Open Source Applications .

Mission:  Provide to Amateur Radio Operators and emergency service and disaster 
relief organizations with a low or no cost system utilizing enabling 
technologies and sound operating practices to provide a full-featured radio 
digital message transfer system with attachments, map & text-based position 
reporting such as Xastric, graphic & text-based weather bulletin services such 
as developed by Texas A&M Univ. Packet based on AX.25 and AX.25 BBS 
applications such as JNOS and Q15X25. An MTA using existing RFC compliant 
standards and an HF mode using current highspeed, robust computer sound card 
applications such as MT63 and Q15X25.

Hardware:  The hardware suggested is a computer running a 350 MHz CPU or better 
(the higher the better), 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM suggested), 4-0 GB Hard drive, 
CD ROM (X42 suggested) and floppy. A sound card equal to the Sound Blaster 16 
or better may be required.

The initial thrust will be a server/high end client application(s) will require 
one of the current Linux Distributions, mostly likely Suse, Debian, Mandrake or 
the like. Later, or simultaneously if we can obtain the programming support we 
will attempt to provide a high end client for Microsoft operating systems. For 
the high end client, we also plan to have a Linux system running completely 
from a CD so that you can boot up the system from the CD and not disturb your 
currently installed operating system. Additionally, for low end clients, we 
plan to be able to use common available terminal applications or perhaps even 
current Packet programs. 

 Cost:  There will be NO cost for any of the software and it will be 
downloadable from LinLink via the Internet. However, if someone desires to make 
the applications available on media, they may charge for the duplication, media 
and distribution cost. The products themselves will be licensed under the terms 
of GNU GPL license. See http://www.gnu.org

Development:  The development team's desire is to provide a produce that meets, 
to the extent possible, the data transfer (traffic) requirements of the DHS,
FEMA, the ARRL, MARS, CAP RACES, ARES or other disaster response or
relief agencies such as the Red Cross, REACT and Salvation Army. We will modify 
the applications as necessary, in a timely manner, to meet changing 
requirements . Since the applications will be released under the GNU GPL 
license, any individual may change the application as they see fit as long as 
the released changes and they are released under the GNU GPL license. The 
applications  will be capable of E-Mail delivery via the Internet, HF and V/UHF 
SMTP and BBS formats, and HF and V/UHF AX.25 BBS Formats. We will also have the 
ability to print out messages in ARRL and MARS formats for transfer to voice 

Contact:  Currently the points of contact are Walt DuBose/K5YFW, E-Mail
dubose at texas.net; Curt Mills/ WE7U, E-Mail archer at eskimo.com; Gerry
Creager/N5JXS, E-Mail n5jxs at tamu.edu.

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