[aprssig] New VARA-HF Softmodem A Spectacular Improvement For HF APRS

John Galvin jrgalvin2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 11:31:08 EST 2023

Regarding APRS on 60M. Per part 97.

Automatic control on data and RTTY is not permitted; a control operator 
must be in a position to exercise either local or remote control over 
the transmitter. The FCC noted that “amateur operators must exercise 
care to limit the length of transmissions so as to avoid causing harmful 
interference to Federal stations.” This is a very important caveat: If a 
Federal station requires amateurs to cease using a frequency, the 
amateur station must be able to do so without delay.

73, John - N5TIM
On 1/9/2023 9:35 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Jess Haas<k5lli at jesshaas.com>  writes:
>> That is great news. Sadly I feel like the proprietary windows only nature
>> of a lot of these modes is why they never really take off as much as they
>> should.
> Is there a published protocol specification for VARA-HF?  I searched
> quickly and did not find one.
> Assuming it were specified or understood, are there legal barriers to an
> open source implementation?
> 73 de n1dam
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