[aprssig] New VARA-HF Softmodem A Spectacular Improvement For HF APRS

Ron VE8RT ve8rt at yknwt.ca
Mon Jan 9 09:16:05 EST 2023

Thanks Jess,

   I agree.  

   Personally I'm very interested in giving APRS HF a try, especially
on 60M.  Thanks Stephen for the work you've put into this.

   I do have a question though wrt 60M APRS, can, or is, multi-path a
propagation a problem when relying on NVIS?

      Ron VE8RT  (Linux user)

On Mon, 9 Jan 2023 14:59:10 +0100
Jess Haas <k5lli at jesshaas.com> wrote:

> That is great news. Sadly I feel like the proprietary windows only nature
> of a lot of these modes is why they never really take off as much as they
> should.
> With modes that have an open source implementation it can be much easier to
> properly setup igates as well as have reassurance that it will be properly
> maintained and able to run on modern hardware well into the future. If APRS
> had used a proprietary encoding from the start it never would have taken
> off the way it has.
> -Jess
> On Mon, Jan 9, 2023, 6:19 AM Stephen H Smith via aprssig <
> aprssig at lists.tapr.org> wrote:
> > After spending nearly the entire New Year's 3-day weekend twiddling TCP/IP
> > settijngs, serial port emulators, sound card drivers, etc,   I now have the
> > VARA high-performance HF soft-modem working with the UIview and APRSpoint
> > APRS programs.
> >

Ron VE8RT <ve8rt at yknwt.ca>

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