[aprssig] Davis Vantage Vue and RF APRS

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I've been looking into getting an Ambient Weather station.  What model do you have, and do you use it to send WX data to APRS?  If so, how does that process work?

Thanks in advance for any tips/info.


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I switched away from Davis after my Davis weather station failed of old age.  Have been using an Ambient Weather station for a little over a year.

I had written my own custom Davis weather poller through that serial device and used it for i am thinking 10-15 years.  Davis does have an API document describing the commands. It is not exactly a modern interface.  I wrote mine in C.

If you are wanting to interact with it, at least 15 years ago i didnt have to jump through any hoops to get Davis to send me the documentation on it. I looked and couldnt readily find it. I still have the C code but not sure i would share that even with someone i didnt like. I wrote it for my use only and this much time elapsed apparently  i didnt like myself :)


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