[aprssig] Davis Vantage Vue and RF APRS

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Davis used to make two different serial (RS-232) interfaces to Vantage Stations: the regular one Davis 6510SER, and the other with APRS output ready to feed TNC/WXTrak/TM-D710 etc. – Davis 6540


It seems that Davis is shifting out of serial/USB interfaces to output data on TCP/IP connection. The new concept can be found on the WeatherLink Live released couple years ago, and newly released WeatherLink Console.

Details for communication protocol are at https://weatherlink.github.io/ 

The local API are at https://weatherlink.github.io/weatherlink-live-local-api/


Andrew AB9FX


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Well, maybe I should have researched JUST a little more.  I found out that the adapter plugs into a multi-pin expansion port on the Davis display console.  I found a pinout for the port and there is TTL level serial, along with ground and +VCC to power the adapter.  Looks like an easy ST3232 TTL-Serial adapter mod job using a PCB.  I'm curious to see what format the serial data is coming from the port.


Jason Rausch K4APR

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Does anyone on the list have any experience with getting a Davis Vantage Vue weather station on RF APRS?  I am trying to help another guy get this going.  From what I have found out so far, it looks like Davis makes an (RS232 Datalogger) that looks like some kind of TTL to RS232 adapter going from an RJ45 to a terminal block that I guess is putting out RS232 levels and still needs a cut off serial cable or something similar to complete the wiring job.  The major problem with this is, the adapter is another $225.


Has anyone found a better (lower cost) option.  I see that WeeWX running on a Pi has native USB support for the Davis and even feeds to the CWOP servers, but I can't find any support for APRS whether through a direct TCP/IP feed to APRS-IS and/or a way to reformat the data to a Peet Bros or other similar format and then spit it back out at serial (TTL or RS232) levels that I can then feed to an OpenTracker or similar APRS device to get the data to the actual RF network.


Any guidance would be great!


Jason Rausch K4APR

www.ke4nyv.com <http://www.ke4nyv.com> 

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