[aprssig] Open Source/Commercial Use acceptable APRS Alternative?

wa7skg wa7skg at wa7skg.com
Sun Aug 13 15:19:32 EDT 2023

I'd be concerned that nothing appears to have been done with OpenTrac in 
almost 20 years. Technology moves a lot faster than that. Pretty much 
everything that OpenTrac originally addressed has long since been 
incorporated into modern APRS clients and protocols.

I'd be interested to see what applications currently are supporting 20 
year old software.

Michael WA7SKG

Gregg Wonderly wrote on 8/13/23 10:11 AM:
> We really need to open the door to investigation of OpenTrac.  It 
> provides some much more consumable structure that avoids the append this 
> string in this format “design” principals that make APRS difficult to 
> create parsers for.
> You’ll find OpenTrac (http://opentrac.org/) support already in some 
> popular trackers!
> Gregg Wonderly
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