[aprssig] WIDEn-N and UIDIGI compared to other devices.

Bruce Coates bruce.coates at sasktel.net
Fri May 20 13:49:00 EDT 2022


We've had several digipeaters in our area running UIDIGI 19B3 for the 
over 15 years or so and I though I had everything set properly to 
support WIDEn-N.  That was until a new microsat digi went on the air and 
it behaves differently from the UIDIGI ones.  Now I'm wondering it I had 
everything set properly or not.  In the examples below, VA5LLR and 
VE5HAN-4 are running UIDIGI and VE5MBX is a microsat unit.  I hope they 
help to explain the behaviours.

VE5BNC-14>U2PUWV,VE5MBX,WIDE1*  (microsat substitutes  WIDE1*)
VE5BNC-14>U2PUWV,VA5LLR*,WIDE1  (UIDIGI substitutes just WIDE1)

VE5XW-1>APTT4,VE5HAN-4,VA5LLR,VE5MBX,WIDE2*  (MIcrosat digipeats the 
WIDE2 hop)

I'm thinking the main issue is that my UIDIGI config substitutes just 
WIDE2 instead of WIDE2* but I can't see how to change that. The relevant 
settings are shown below.  I've tried UIFLOODOptions = 6 but that didn't 
seem to change anything.

UIFloodCall = SASK
UITraceCall = WIDE
UIFLOODOptions = 4
UITRACEOptions = 2


Bruce - VE5BNC

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